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Meet Ben

Ben Greenberg with Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto
Ben with Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto at RubyConf 2019

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I am a second career developer living in Tel Aviv and originally from California. I have lived in places ranging from NYC to Miami to Chicago and have experience building developer communities in diverse regions across the globe. Before making the career switch, I worked as a community organizer and educator for nearly 10 years throughout the US.

I am the Principal Consultant and Founder of Yalla, DevRel LLC. Yalla DevRel works with companies to build and scale their developer relations programs. We specialize in developer advocacy and developer education. Our approach is to build initiatives with impact that is measurable and sustainable. We believe strongly in iterative design and data-driven actions. Previously, I worked as the Head of DevRel at Fuel, Team Lead for the Developer Relations Engineers at Parity Technologies, as the Ruby developer advocate at Vonage, and as a lead developer relations engineer at New Relic. My focus as a developer advocate has primarily been on developer experience and education, namely:

  • Documentation and developer platforms
  • SDKs and tooling
  • Educating developers through Twitch streams, talks and tutorials

Get in Touch

You can always reach out to me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email at ben [at] yalladevrel [dot] com.